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Do not hesitate about CHANGE when paradigm is shifting. Try S-666 / S-656


S-666 Link

S-656 Link

When Joinpack announced S-6 Series ( S-656 / S-666 ) - New generation of semi-automatic strapping machine , the prologue of paradigm shift has opened.
Advanced functions combine with ergonomic and elegant figure has attracted attention from worldwide customers.
Today, more and more customers has decide to switch their semi-automatic strapping machine product to S-6 series after receive great positive response from their market.
So, do not hesitate about CHANGE when paradigm is shifting.

Try unique S-666 / S-656 now :

  1. 24V DC Motors direct driven

  2. Less Moving Parts = Less Parts Stock = Less Maintenance.

  3. Efficiency & Silence = Faster strapping speed with less noise.

  4. Large Main Roller Structure: Reliable tension system from 5 – 40 KGs.

  5. Wider Range of Strap Width : Adjustable from 5 to 15.5mm.

  6. Electronic Outside Tension Control: Convenient in tension adjustment.

  7. Side Lift Table Top & Side Direction of Slantwise Control Panel = User Friendly

Please access below link to see S-666/S-656 good performance.

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