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Meet our formidable strength of Turnkey System

We deeply appreciate more and more customers all over the world installing Joinpack turnkey systems apply to various automatic packaging line.. Our reliable and efficiency machines provide customers in varieties of industries pack or secure pallet loads by vertical or horizontal PP/PET strapping, film wrapping.
This make sure pallet loads in good protection and stabilization during transport.
Take a view on real machines in varieties of industries as below

1. Beverage industry
Thanks to Coca Cola continually purchase auto horizontal pallet strapping machine A-98HE.
Horizontally applied PET straps on the pallet load, until now 7 units of A-98HE are already installed in Thailand.

2. Food or Palm powder industry
Thanks to Malaysia customer using auto pallet stretch wrapping machine with rotating arm, ALPHA-WA and auto pallets applicator. These two machines control integration with existing Robot Arm and can auto provide empty pallet, heavy load loading in, film wrapping on the pallet load completely.

3. Re: corrugated industry
Thanks to Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Russia customers using auto vertical pallet strapping machine A-8U and stretch wrapping machine ALPHA-HCA for strapping and film wrapping on corrugated bundles or paper rolls.

4. Re: Plywood board / plasterboard industry
Thanks to China, Japan customers using auto vertical strapping machine A-8U with auto skid loading system and orbital wrapping machine ALPHA-SPA for providing skid loading , vertical PET strapping and orbital film wrapping on long boards.

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