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Big Order from corrugated industry


Happy 2022 !!! Deep appreciation for your promotion !!!

Paper Industry is very important not only for culture but also for basic applications.
Especially the corrugated paper, it is indispensable for Logistics and plays an Irreplaceable role in the Packaging field.

Joinpack is aware of its importance since many years and realized that we definitely have to supply strapping / squaring / pressing machines for sufficing such demands from corrugated industry.
We are pleased to present our recommendation as below:
A-88NARP / Roller Driven / Top Press

Joinpack honors approval from all corrugated manufacturers and recently,
We are securing Big Order placed from corrugated industry with huge supports from our partners.

Thanks for choosing Joinpack with trust in our quality and service.
Thanks for our Partners; your promotions are making more and more people to understand our advantages and difference among all brands. Thank you so much once again !!

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