Fully-Auto Series
Alpha-HCA  Turntable Type For Heavy Load


Turntable Type For Heavy Load


To integrated with in-feed & out-feed power conveyors as fully auto in-line wrapping system.

Equipped with auto film clamp, cut & wiper system makes wrapper ready for next pallet. Automatically complete film wrapping on pallet loads. Provide consistent wrapping and professional looking loads.

Frame, turntable adopts strong steel structure and equipped with heavy duty ring bearing. Reliable for longevity and easy to maintain.

Soft start, stop & home position to prevent load displacement at the beginning & the end.

Quick connector plug in & out, easy to install. Comprehensively correspondence with variety of applications.
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  • Heavy duty chain drive

  • Auto film clamp, cut & wiper system

  • Auto sensor for loading height detect

  • Individual control box with HMI touch panel

  • Film carriage with power pre-stretch system

  • Turntable and film carriage speeds adjustable

  • Rotation soft-start, soft-stop and home position


  • Top press

  • Safety fence

  • Top sheet dispenser

  • Pallet exit at 90 degrees

  • Power roller or chain conveyors

  • Heat sealing plate (Reinforces film sealed on pallet load)

Turntable Dia. (mm) 2000 (customize)
Wrapping Height (mm) 2100 / 2400
Max. Pallet Weight (kg) Customize
Turntable Speed (R.P.M.) 2~15
Film Carriage Speed (m/min.) 2~5
Film Roll I.D. (mm) φ76x W 500
Power Consumption (kW) 2.3
Power Supply (50/60Hz) 220/230/380/415/440V,3PH
(L x W x H mm)
3185 x 2000 x 2724
Machine Net Weight (kg) 1200
Pre-Stretch Ratio

*Specification subject to change without notice