Fully-Auto Series
Alpha-HR  3 Dimensional Reel Wrapping For Roll Product


3 Dimensional Reel Wrapping For Roll Product


Specialty designed for wrapping roll products.

Heavy duty steel rolls plus turntable rotation simultaneously, wrapping machine creates a 3 dimensional wrapping and completely provides a good protection on roll products.

Frame, turntable adopts high steel structure and equipped with heavy duty ring type bearing. Reliable for longevity and easy to maintain.

Soft start, stop & home position to prevent roll displacement at the beginning & the end.

Quick connector plug in & out, easy to install. Comprehensively correspondence with variety of applications.
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  • Soft star and stop.

  • Tension to load adjustable.

  • 3 dimensional reel wrapping.

  • Film carriage speed adjustable.

  • Package roll ejecting out system.

  • Electronic magnetic brake system.

  • 2 various wrapping programs, user friendly.

  • 2 in 1 machine for both reel product & standard pallet load.


  • Power pre-stretch system. 50%, 100%, 150%, 200%(specified).

  • Note:50% mean 1M pre-stretched to 1.5M.

Turntable Dia. (mm) 2000 (customize)
Wrapping Height (mm) 2100 /2400
Max. Pallet Weight (kg) Customize
Turntable Speed (R.P.M.) 2~15
Film Carriage Speed (m/min.) 2~5
Film Roll I.D. (mm) φ76x W 500
Power Consumption (kW) 2.3
Power Supply (50/60Hz) 220/230/380/415/440V,3PH
(L x W x H mm)
3190 x 2000 x 2398
Machine Net Weight (kg) 1500
Pre-Stretch Ratio

*Specification subject to change without notice